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Upload to ownCloud without auth*


I really like the file drop feature of ownCloud. You can configure a directory to receive files from a thrid party without authentication and with no troubles. You get a URL and that is everything you have to share. People will see a simple file upload field and can push their files directly into your ownCloud. Easy.

When you want a machine to upload to this directory, your browsers console will send a more complex request, with access tokens, session id and all the stuff you will need an inadequate amount of time to reproduce with your code.

Then I found the solution posted here in 2018 that is still working.

A file drop URL usually looks like https://yourowncloud.de.vu/index.php/s/TrQB1MeB5pf5rZ. Take the last part as a username for a HTTP basic auth, and proceed like this:


curl "https://yourowncloud.de.vu/public.php/webdav/$FILE" \
    -u "TrQB1MeB5pf5rZ:" \
    --compressed \
    -X PUT \
    --upload-file $FILE \
    -H 'X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest'


As always when using undocumented features like this: They are subject to be removed – or may be not.